The Causes of the Holocaust: Could They Have Been Altered?

LifeLong Learning Institute at Midlothian, VA
21 May 1:00 pm
Lecture May 21, 2024 at the LifeLong Learning Institute at Midlothian, VA.   804-378-2527 info@llichesterfield.org


Instructor: Dr. Alan A. Winter

Historians bring biases to their work. What they include or exclude colors history as it happened, to the point that critical events may be trivialized or completely ignored, leading to incorrect interpretations and disastrous consequences. While “Wolf” and “Sins of the Fathers” are historical fiction, their accuracies contribute to the historiography of what is known about Adolf Hitler’s years from the time he was gassed during the Great War through Kristallnacht. This course will explore the events that led the Germans to the inconceivable and incomprehensible solution of how to deal with enemies of the state: exterminate them. George Santayana’s famous quote in 1905, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” is perhaps more valid today than any other time in recent memory. What lessons were learned from the rise of Naziism that can be applied to the Russian-Ukrainian War? What takeaways are our leaders ignoring that may edge us to the brink of an expanded war? And is genocide and the Holocaust the same thing?

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