Island Bluffs

Island Bluffs is a present-day town bound to the past by horrible secrets and pacts made long ago. Keeping secrets buried as some had hoped was no longer an option for the Berks. Their new and some thought long-forgotten home made that impossible by putting them squarely in the middle of it all. When the truths are revealed, the shocking twists and turns will challenge the very notions of what is right and wrong.
A thriller/love/ghost story with inspirations drawn from real life.

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Island Bluffs is a multi-layered story of forgiveness, of understanding the dark side of the human spirit, and plumbs the question: are children and grandchildren accountable for the sins of their parents. It is also a love story.

Carly Mason, NY’s top forensic dentist is married to widower, Gabe Berk. Having exhausted all of NYC’s top fertility experts, they learn of an eccentric scientist — a survivor of the Mengele Twin Experiments – who runs an exclusive clinic. The doctor presents a Faustian challenge: Carly must carry twins, one biologically related to her and one that is not, agreeing to give up the surrogate baby at birth. In addition, the Berks must move to within thirty minutes of the doctor’s clinic at the Jersey Shore.

Carly and Gabe, along with Gabe’s daughter from his first marriage and his father who is a Holocaust survivor, move to Island Bluffs. Island Bluffs is a present-day town blinded by a pact made long ago that is filled with secrets all would prefer to remain buried. Now that the Berks have bought this long-forgotten house, keeping secrets buried is no longer an option. When these truths are revealed, they will, by turns, shock and amaze and challenge the very fabric of what is morally right and wrong.



  • Dr. Harriet K. McGraw, Academy News Editorial Consultant

    Alan Winter, DDS, FACD: periodontist, lecturer, trailblazer, novelist

    When talking to Dr. Alan A. Winter, New York, New York, it doesn't take long to discover he has great passion for his varied interests, be it periodontics and implantology, or researching and writing novels. READ MORE

  • New Jersey Hills_Observer-Tribune News

    Fictional shore town includes Nazis and spies in former Mendham writer's book

    It may be down the shore but Island Bluffs is hardly a relaxing place to vacation. Island Bluffs is a fictional town similar to so many summer shore villages. It is the title of Alan A. Winter's newest novel and it combines the Holocaust, a ghostly home and the experiments of the notorious Nazi "Angel of Death," Josef Mengele. READ MORE

  • West Essex Tribune

    Former Resident's Latest Novel Draws on real life Inspirations

    Former Livingston resident Dr. Alan Winter is a long-time periodontist who has a second career going as a novelist. He has recently published his latest novel, Island Bluffs, a thriller/love/ghost story with inspirations drawn from real life. READ MORE

Jayne Gumpel

"Island bluffs is a summer must read. The twists and turns are sure to keep the reader surprised, educated and curious! It is filled with fantasy and dark truths that pull this novel to the top of the heap. What could be better than a thought provoking, history soaked and at the same time, whimsical book! I really enjoyed it."

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Hana Ho, encore in Hawaiian Aloha Ken

Just finished Island bluffs, a terrific read!! Bravo, finally a writer who knows how to end a book! Too many give you 400 pages of story and 2 pages of ending. Keep it up, a follow up book to follow?

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"In this emotional thriller, a couple strikes a Faustian bargain in order to have a child."