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Island Bluffs Reviews:

Kirkus Review
Island Bluffs

In this emotional thriller, a couple strikes a Faustian bargain in order to have a child.Gabe and Carly Berk have been married for six years, and that whole time they’ve been trying to conceive a baby, without success. Desperately trying every strategy, they’re now willing to grasp at any straw. For them, "euphoria could not be spelled any sweeter than b-a-b-y." Read More

Bev Ashauer Review
Island Bluffs

"Island Bluffs is the story of a family who moves into a house that has been unoccupied for years and is full of dark secrets. The house is located on the Jersey shore of Barnegat Bay. It is outside a small town where some of the townspeople don't want the secrets revealed and want the house empty again. Island Bluffs has two storylines going-one about the past and secrets of the house and the other about the present and the family who has moved into it. Both stories blend together nicely. The plots are solid and the characters are well developed. This book has layers like peeling an onion, each layer a pleasant surprise. This book was an enjoyable read and kept me wanting to see what was going to happen next. It ended with a great finish, tying everything up nicely. I received this book free from NetGalley for an honest review, which is what I just wrote. Try the book. You'll enjoy its many twists and turns." ~Bev Ashauer

David Hurwitz Review
Island Bluffs

In Island Bluffs Winter has crafted a thrilling and gripping masterpiece. This novel is paced so that the excitement never subsides. The characters are richly developed and easy to relate to. And is the case with seasoned authors, Winter transports the reader to a regional setting, in both time and place, that resonates in tight, concise writing that few writers exhibit these days. Not only are the characters and plot multidimensional, but Winter manages to weave the nurture vs. nature theme into a historical context effortlessly, always tantalizing us with another phrase or thought or action that engages us to gobble his words right to the last shocking page. Expect shortness of breath and salivation while turning the pages! Island Bluffs is satisfying and so delicious! ~David Hurwitz

Savior's Day Reviews:

Kirkus Review
An ancient text contains a shattering truth in this apocalyptic thriller.

Winter’s (Someone Else’s Son, 2013) tense, tightly plotted novel opens with an exceptionally effective dramatic hook: Two men—one Christian, one Muslim—perch in hidden spots on rooftops above Jerusalem’s Western Wall, patiently waiting for an elaborate ceremony to start. It’s a ceremony that has the attention of the entire world, as the pope, the U.S. president, and the leaders of Israel and Palestine plan to handle an ancient biblical text, the Codex of Aleppo, in a symbolic gesture of peace. Read More

Publisher's Weekly
This engaging thriller from Winter (Someone Else's Son) centers on the Codex of Aleppo, a missing book of the Bible that contains every word spoken by God to man. Read More

Foreword Reviews
Alan A. Winter has crafted a fast-paced and fascinating tale of religious and political conflict in which human motives are revealed and examined.

Assassins train their eyes on the pope while other religious leaders secretly scour the planet for missing pieces of a historical document that could change Israel—and the world—forever in Savior’s Day. Author Alan A. Winter brings both his ear for dialogue and insight into human motivation to this high-tension thriller. Read More

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