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Island Bluffs News:

By Dr. Harriet K. McGraw, Academy News Editorial Consultant
Alan Winter, DDS, FACD: periodontist, lecturer, trailblazer, novelist

When talking to Dr. Alan A. Winter, New York, New York, it doesn’t take long to discover he has great passion for his varied interests, be it periodontics and implantology, or researching and writing novels.Read More

New Jersey Hills_Observer-Tribune News
Fictional shore town includes Nazis and spies in former Mendham writer's book

It may be down the shore but Island Bluffs is hardly a relaxing place to vacation. Island Bluffs is a fictional town similar to so many summer shore villages. It is the title of Alan A. Winter’s newest novel and it combines the Holocaust, a ghostly home and the experiments of the notorious Nazi “Angel of Death,” Josef Mengele. Read More

West Essex Tribune
Former Resident's Latest Novel Draws on real life Inspirations

Former Livingston resident Dr. Alan Winter is a long-time periodontist who has a second career going as a novelist. He has recently published his latest novel, Island Bluffs, a thriller/love/ghost story with inspirations drawn from real life. Read More

Savior's Day News:

The New York State Dental Journal
The Dentist and the Novelist

Nine years into his career as a periodontist, Alan A. Winter decided he’d also like to try his hand at writing fiction. He began with a movie script with a science fiction motif and ended up 31 years later with three, soon to be four, published novels... For Winter, who does the bulk of his research on the weekend, having time to pursue his career as an author is only part of the equation. Patience and perseverance help too. His latest novel, "Savior’s Day", a suspense thriller that came out at the end of may, was percolating in his head for more than 40 years. He said it took him that long to figure out how to craft the components of what is a true story about an ancient bible that went missing for years into a modern fictional whodunit. Read More

Dental Tribune U.S. Edition | July 2013
Periodontist, implantologist, entrepreneur — and novelist

Alan Winter, DDS, FACD, always wanted to be a dentist. But throughout his 30-plus-year career he hasn’t let that get in the way of his love for history and writing. Instead of taking a more traditional route and pursuing a biological sciences degree prior to dental school, Winter earned a history degree, graduating from Rutgers with honors and earning a fellowship nomination.

...And in June, his third novel, “Savior’s Day,” was published. The suspense thriller, rooted in historical fact, is available through major booksellers, including, where it can be bought as a hardback, paperback or e-book. Read More

The New York State Dental Journal
Former Resident Continues Dual Career as Periodontist – and Novelist

Winter, following the cardinal rule of "write what you know," had set his novel in Livingston and laced it throughout with autobiographical elements. His next novel, Snowflakes in the Sahara, was a suspense thriller that came out in September, 2000 that featured as a protagonist a forensic dentist named Carly Mason. Now, 13 years later, he has just published his third novel, Savior's Day. Winter's book interweaves fact and fiction in tracing the Codex of Aleppo, the oldest Bible ever written, through 1,000 years of history. Read More

Someone Else's Son News:

The Star Ledger
Dentist Tries Hand at Fiction

Phillip Hunter, 18, a 1993 graduate of Livingston High School, has just landed a job at a pharmaceutical company, and he's mapping out his future.

But the path that awaits him will ultimately take him on a journey into the past. The story unfolds in "Someone Else's Son," the first novel of West Orange resident Dr. Alan Winter, a pe-riodontist who recently returned to Livingston High-his alma mater-to talk to students about his newly suc-cessful "hobby" of writing. And his words were not lost on would-be writers, who, like the fictional Hunter, will soon be venturing out to pursue their dreams. Read More

The New Jersey Jewish News
Periodontist publishes his first novel, with setting in Livingston

Dr Alan A Winter of New York City has filled a cavity in his life with pen and paper The former Livingston resident, periodontist by trade, is having his first novel, titled Someone Else's Son, published in June by MasterMedia Ltd in New York City Read More

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Honorable Mention: Fiction 2015 New York Book Festival



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