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This is not a Nicholas Sparks story. "The Legacy of Izaak Wolf" is about the recently widowed Michaela Wolf and the tsunami of woes she and her children face when her sisters-in-law sue to claw back the family assets she will soon inherit.

Having settled the bitter dispute and thinking herself rid of them, imagine Michaela's horror when her sisters-in-law literally hold her hostage in order to force her teenage son – who suffers from Asperger's Syndrome – to journey to Zurich to retrieve a treasure his grandfather hid from the Nazis.

Nineteen-year-old Jarrett Wolf is a social misfit in the vein of Sheldon Cooper from the TV show: The Big Bang Theory. He is fearful of crowds, meeting new people, and venturing into unfamiliar situations. If someone meets his gaze, he breaks out in hives and starts to wheeze. Journeying to Switzerland in order to save his mother and sister is downright paralyzing, but he must find the strength to do the impossible. Failure is not an option.

What follows is a story of family that overcomes adversity one day at a time, one challenge at a time, relying on the life's lessons of their recently deceased husband/father to succeed. "The Legacy of Izaak Wolf" is, by turns, both suspenseful and inspirational. It is about survival . . . and payback.

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ISLAND BLUFFS is a multi-layered story of forgiveness, of understanding the dark side of the human spirit, and plumbs the question: are children and grandchildren accountable for the sins of their parents. It is also a love story.

Carly Mason, NY's top forensic dentist is married to widower, Gabe Berk. Having exhausted all of NYC's top fertility experts, they learn of an eccentric scientist -- a survivor of the Mengele Twin Experiments - who runs an exclusive clinic. The doctor presents a Faustian challenge: Carly must carry twins, one biologically related to her and one that is not, agreeing to give up the surrogate baby at birth. In addition, the Berks must move to within thirty minutes of the doctor’s clinic at the Jersey Shore.

Carly and Gabe, along with Gabe's daughter from his first marriage and his father who is a Holocaust survivor, move to Island Bluffs. Island Bluffs is a present-day town blinded by a pact made long ago that is filled with secrets all would prefer to remain buried. Now that the Berks have bought this long-forgotten house, keeping secrets buried is no longer an option. When these truths are revealed, they will, by turns, shock and amaze and challenge the very fabric of what is morally right and wrong.

“In this emotional thriller, a couple strikes a Faustian bargain in order to have a child.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“Winter’s sure-footed novel follows the twists and turns of their discovery of the secrets hidden (in Island Bluffs)” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“The dread only increases as the Berks steadily uncover more dark secrets, including an echo of the Nazi Germany that Yehuda only barely escaped.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
“Winter (Savior’s Day, 2013) keeps what could have been a fairly predictable plot moving briskly, and the climactic series of revelations is handled with smooth control and a good deal of dark humor.” — KIRKUS REVIEW
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Honorable Mention: Fiction 2015 New York Book Festival



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